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Click here to purchaseWhat birds can only whisper by Julie Brickman

Chapter One


he awakes early, thinking about a cardinal. She saw one perched on her neighbour's fence yesterday, but he flew away before she could get dose enough to look. He was ruby against the early snow. She wanted to hear his song, though it was dull enough for a pretty bird. She dreamed about birds last night, an old dream from her childhood where she is flying away from trouble. The bed is hot as a furnace. She hears a whispery sound, rhythmic like breathing, muffled. The bed shifts. (Read more--pdf)

Chapter 30

Kendra feels like a bird who has migrated north when the leaves turn gold, her path the choice of poor radar, tuned by the wounds in her dra. Her own melody, her themes, her lyrics have not been composed or orchestrated, authored or authorized, by her. She has never heard the sound of her own music. Her trust in herself is broken. (Read more--pdf)


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